The Daniil Medvedev Racquet : What Tennis Players Use

Who is the number 2 professional tennis player in the entire world? Russian player Daniil Medvedev claims the title at the time of writing. The racquet he uses on the court is Technifibre’s T-Fight XTC 305. A top-notch choice for any type of player seeking to improve their performance on the court. What are the details of the T-Fight XTC 305?


The racquet itself has a good shape as designed by Technifibre to enable players to play with confidence and accuracy. The racquet is made of 100% graphite and has an 18×19 string pattern. Its size of 630 cm2 is optimal for precise swings, and the various grip options can enable a player to swivel the racquet with no issues. Measure your grip sizing on your hands for the best results. This racquet is also known to be heavier than others, which is beneficial for power.

medvedev racquetT-Fight XTC 305 also has the feature of the RS beam shape for ultimate control. The head guard of the racquet can protect it from harsh conditions and multiple matches. It is strung at about 355-360g along with maneuverability and balanced at 325mm for reliable stability. You won’t have to worry about wearing down your racquet with your performance.

With a beamwidth of 22.5 mm, it strengthens the racquet even further. Also, the RS design of the beam is ideal for a sturdy racquet. RS refers to the shape of the beam, like the letter R, that ensures a stable form. Also, there are five sides of to the beam that complete the shape.

Let’s review the finer details: The material is 100% graphite, the size 630 cm2. Designed with an RS beam with a width of 22.5mm and a protective head guard. Strung 355-360g, has a balance of 325mm. Unstrung Weight of 10.4oz with a strung weight of 11.4oz.


Medvedev himself is the number two tennis player in the world at the time of writing. He switched to using his T-Fight XTC 305 in 2020 when his successful career gave the opportunity to be sponsored by Tecnifibre. This past season alone has shown the prowess of Medvedev through his matches. He uses a combination of the original model of the T-Fight XTC 305 as well as customizing his strings for more weight.

As a professional player, he has the ability to control the conditions of his racquet in anticipation of the game. Using heavier strings on a dense racquet can plow the tennis ball across the court. This racquet has carried Medvedev to many wins, it’s no wonder players are clamoring to keep up with this powerhouse.

Of course, one wants to buy the best racquet for success, and it can be intimidating to jump right into a professional’s shoes, or a racquet in this case. This racquet will definitely be worth your time and money, whether you are a local player seeking practice, or an up and coming competitive player. Do not hesitate to purchase the Medvedev racquet, T-Fight XTC 305, today and take your tennis playing records to new heights!

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