Unable to get the desired comfort and control from your existing tennis racquet? It’s not the racket’s fault; maybe you have picked the wrong tennis grip size. From novices and recreational players to advanced and professional athletes, proper tennis grip size is crucial for all.

Bid farewell to discomforts, tennis elbow, and other arm injuries by discovering the right grip size and bring about promising results. 

Tennis grip size is basically the thickness of the handle or estimation of the circumference of the handle’s octagonal cross-section. Appropriate grip size can make a huge difference in your overall performance. Besides this, it prevents many painful repercussions.

We have boiled down all the essential information about the tennis grip size, go through it and have the right sporty companion. Let’s begin


The circumference of the racquets handle along with the stock grip is referred to as tennis grip size. The perimeter is measured in the middle of the handle while the size varies from 4 to 4 ¾ inches. Most often, the butt cap will list the grip size. Otherwise, you can check it on the racket’s throat.

Though it seems an insignificant element to consider, it’s not. The right grip size boosts your confidence by delivering the utmost comfort during the game. Not only this, it lessens the risk of injuries as well. Acknowledge more aspects of the sporty stick by reading how to choose a tennis racket and get your ideal striking partner.


Yes, obviously. Tennis racquet grip size measurement is one of the essential aspects to examine before buying a tennis racquet. But unfortunately, most of the novices ignore it and face difficulties.

We are often asked, what tennis grip size should I use? We all differ from each other in our body structures. That’s why a single grip size can’t go with all. The grip you use directly influences the effectiveness and endurance of your performance. So it’s crucial to get the right one. 

A small grip rotates within your hand and calls for an overcompensation in the shape of firm holding. As a result, your arm muscles face an unnecessary strain which can cause tennis elbow.

On the flip side, a larger grip is difficult to grasp and inhibits wrist snaps on serves. Along with this, it requires more muscle strength.


Smell the victory as this ultimate tennis racket grip size guide will lead you to your winning stick. There are two ways to measure tennis grip size. Follow the favorable one and bring out the best. But I recommend you to use both methods for an accurate fit.


Are you buying a tennis racquet for the first time? Great! This method will work perfectly fine for you. Those who are ordering online can also go with this technique.

To find out the best tennis grip size, grab a ruler or use a measuring tape. Next, take a look at your hand and observe the lines running through your palm. Look at the middle, locate the two horizontal lines running from side to side.

Now place the base of the ruler or the measuring tape on the top horizontal line on your palm. Align the measuring stick with your finger and measure till the top. Just as shown in the picture.


Tennis Grip Size


The distance between your palm crease and fingertip is your grip size. It should fall between 4 and 4 ⅜ inches. Compare the acquired measurement with the tennis grip size chart and you’re good to go. The average grip size is for men is 4 ⅜ while smaller ladies take tennis grip size 2.


This tennis grip size test requires a racquet. Hold the tennis gear with your dominant hand. Now use the other hand and place your index finger in the gap, just as shown in the picture. 


Tennis Grip Size


Observe the aperture, if the finger can’t fit in that space it means the tennis grip size is too small. In another case, if there is plenty of space between the fingers and thumb after placing the index finger, then the grip is too big for you.


The below-listed tennis grip size chart shows the US grip sizes and the corresponding European grip sizes. Have a look

4 inches0100-103mm
4 ⅛ inches1103-106mm
4 ¼ inches2106-110mm
4 ⅓ inches3110-113mm
4 ½ inches4113-118mm
4 ⅝ inches5118-120mm
4 ¾ inches6120-123mm



Unable to find the perfect grip size? Don’t worry, it’s pretty common. Most of the players fall in between grip sizes and get confused.

As a general rule, you should go for the smaller grip size and adjust it with an overgrip tape. Besides increasing thickness, an overgrip will keep your hands fresh, dry, and tacky. However, it is very complicated to make the larger grip smaller.


How can we forget our little champs in this discussion? This absolute tennis racquet grip size guide is for all. In contrast to adults, there are fewer grip size options for kids.

Most parents ask us; what is the right tennis grip size for 12 years old? Well, finding the perfect grip size for children is a bit different from adults. You have to focus on the length of the racquet corresponding to your children’s height. Didn’t get it? The below-documented chart on tennis grip size by height will make it simpler. Besides this, check out the best tennis racquet for kids and introduce the spectacular sport to the youth.

4 or younger40" or less19"
4-5 years40-44"21"
6-8 years45-49"23"
9-10 years50-55"25"
10 or elder55" or more26"


Compare your child’s age and height and select the favorable racquet. There is no need to worry about the grip size, the right length will take you to a comfortable and appropriate grip itself. 


Now you have learned every aspect of the tennis grip size, use the given methods and make a valuable investment. Although the reviewed procedures are quite helpful and effective, we still recommend you test out different grip sizes. Try all the sizes of a specific model and check which is the most comfortable. Once you have found the suitable one, nothing can stop you from victory. 

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