Have you struggled with your backhand for many years? Don’t get down as it’s the most challenging shot and weaker side of many tennis players. But working on your flaws is the only way to improve your game. So take a sigh of relief as we have pulled together some powerful tennis backhand tips to convert your imperfection into strength.

Unfortunately, the backhand is one of the least practiced shots during training sessions. However, overlooking any aspect can give you a tough time on the court.

Work on your weakness with our tennis backhand tips and become a true force to reckon with. No matter which level you belong to, this ultimate guide will help you take your game to a superior level.

Before exploring tennis backhand techniques, let’s find out what a tennis backhand actually is.


Tennis backhand is the exact opposite of forehand. A backhand is a groundstroke in which players swing their tennis stick with the back of the hand moving towards the stroke.

The backhand can be performed in two ways. First, executing this action using only the dominant hand is called a one-handed backhand. Whereas holding the tennis racquet with both hands to hit the ball refers to a two-handed-backhand.

Even the pros try to use forehands as much as possible because it’s pretty natural and easier to execute. But backhand strokes don’t have to be inferior at all. On the contrary, mastering precision on this challenging stroke can be as helpful as forehand. Besides this, proper footwork will also play its part in leading you to your destination. 


Most people often ask about how to practice backhand in tennis. Therefore, we have broken down the answer into three steps to make it more understandable. 

Whether you choose a one-handed or two-handed backhand, these techniques will make the implementation more effective. 


It is essential to get in the proper position to obtain the right amount of power, consistency, spin, and control from your backhand stroke, 

Pivot your body sideways while your right arm should be towards the net. To commit a two-handed backhand, hold the racquet with your dominant hand on the bottom while keeping the other hand on top. Get in the optimal position and carry your racquet behind your body.


Now, bring the racquet back, close to your body with the right elbow. Don’t make any changes in the position. The next stage is the shifting of weight onto the front leg to execute a smashing backhand. For this, lean slightly on your bag leg and extend the racquet in front. During this action, push your mass forward and load your body with tremendous power.


Lock your elbow and extend your racket. Don’t lose your grip and keep an eagle’s eye on the ball. One-handed backhanders should remove their left hand while swinging the racket. In contrast, for an optimum double-handed backhand, your athletic stick should be parallel to the ground.


There you go with optimum contact with the ball. Still, keep an eye on the ball and move your racket in the desired direction. That’s it; you have nicely done with a perfect tennis backhand.


Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. So follow these simple tennis backhand tips and be the ultimate champion.


Only practice can make the difference. With this in mind, keep rehearsing until you nail it. Most of the novices run away from their unstable backhand instead of modifying it. 

 Besides acknowledging technical skills, spend more time and effort on backhand repetition. This action will improve your confidence on the court and put some extra pressure on your opponent.


We all make a common mistake while executing this shot. In your two-handed backhand, the non-dominant hand just holds the grip while the other hand completes the hit.

Try using your non-dominant hand more during the shot. You will see a drastic improvement which will make your backhand stronger and consistent.


The journey of how to perform a backhand in tennis starts with an early preparation strategy. Set yourself in the correct posture as soon as your opponent hits the ball. If the ball is coming towards your backhand side, put your racket according to the tennis backhand slice technique and run towards it. 

Early preparation will enhance the chances of optimal contact with the ball. At the same time, it aids in obtaining better control.


Here comes the most crucial tennis backhand tip; getting in the appropriate stance. Unfortunately, most of the players restrict their body movements just to close stance. Thus, face failure. 

Usually, we deal with less demanding shots using our right leg. But sometimes, the unpredictable ball demands the usage of our left leg as well. Try to control your body using an open stance to prevent backhand downfalls.


Nothing in the world is 100% accurate, but practicing your weak points can make you close enough to perfection. We are pretty sure that our tennis one-handed backhand tips will take your game to the next level. Check them out


Have you just started your tennis voyage? Great! It’s better to start with a two-handed backhand as it’s much easier to learn. Consider these tennis two-handed backhand tips and master precision.


The main goal of this write-up was to give you concrete checkpoints of tennis backhand tips. Hopefully, now you have enough knowledge about how to hit a one-handed backhand in tennis, tennis backhand techniques, and tennis two-handed backhand tips.

Whether you’ve just begun your athletic career or have already played tennis for a long time, these tennis backhand tips can help you master the game. Besides this, check out some tennis backhand tips on YouTube as well to become a better athlete.