Tennis is considered one of the costly sports in the athletic world. Every tennis player dreams of playing in the US Open while watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Although expensive tennis equipment often discourages them. But not anymore, certain best tennis racquets under 100 have made the luxurious sport accessible to ordinary people.

It is not necessary to buy high-priced tennis racquets for extraordinary results. Dedication and motivation can take you to the supreme level of success. Stay on a budget with the best tennis racquet under 100 and let the world see the magic of your hard work and talent.

The famous Olympic sport demands a hefty amount to step into the game. But a few trusted and reputed brands have provided some affordable options for our skilful players. You might be thinking that cheap tennis racquets under 100 could be junk, but it is a misconception. Many in-expensive tennis racquets uphold phenomenally quality and are durable too.

Our team has carefully investigated all the available pocket-friendly tennis racquets to help you make a valuable investment. This review article will give you every single detail about budget-friendly racquets. Simply read it out and decide on the premium one that meets your expectations.



After the laborious task of research and comparison, we have provided a list of the seven best tennis racquets under 100. All the tennis enthusiasts get ready for a sensible, sporty voyage and bring out the best. Have a glance at the elected ones.

wilson adult recreational Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES:  110sq.inches head size, 27.5 inches in length, 16×20 open string pattern, Hyper Carbon technology.
  • BENEFITS: powerful, enhanced sweet spot, lighter, stiff frame
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Babolat Pure Strike HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: 115 inches head size, 27.75 inches in length, weighs 8.9 ounces, 28.5mm linear beam.
  • BENEFITS: arm-friendly, gives natural topspin, durable strings, head-heavy.
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HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: 27 inches in length, weighs 11.1 oz, grip-heavy, MicroGel technology.
  • BENEFITS: Maximum shock absorption, tremendous spin potential, accurate hits, comfortable.
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Wilson Clash 100

Head Ti. Instinct Comp Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: 105 sq. inch head, 16×19 open string pattern, 22mm beam, weighs 300 grams.
  • BENEFITS: excellent stability, easy to swing, reduces vibrations, comfortable feel. 
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OPPUM Adult Carbon OPPUM Adult Carbon

  • Features:triangular frame, contains grip tape, pre-strung, light frame
  • Benefits: Shockproof, includes a tennis bag, ultimate balance, and control
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Best tennis Racquet HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket 

  • FEATURES: 108sq.inches head size, 252 grams in weight, 16×19 rope pattern, head-light balance.
  • BENEFITS: Three grip sizes, high-tack grip, outstanding control, robust.
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Best tennis Racquet HEAD Geo Speed Adult Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: weighs 10.4 ounces, 27.5 inches length, 105sq.inches head size, Geo Power technology.
  • BENEFITS: user-friendly, tight strings, headlight, large sweet spot.
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Have you just made your mind to enter the tennis world? Great! Our first pick on the best tennis racquets under 100 is perfect for amateur players. Hyper Hammer 5.3 is one of the top-selling racquets from the brand Wilson. Let’s go through an in-depth review to reveal the beneficial aspects of this spectacular innovation.

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


Wilson has been a hallmark of excellence for years. All tennis racquets with this signature are outstanding, but Hyper Hammer 5.3 has garnered more admiration from famous tennis players worldwide.

First and foremost, Hyper Hammer 5.3 features an oversized head of 110 sq. inches. The slightly larger head size provides a more prominent sweet spot for easy and precise fitting. Next to this, the racquet gives an extra half-inch than the standard length. Yes! Beginners can get more leverage and can reach the ball without much stretching.

Moreover, Wilson Hyper Hammer features a 16×20 string pattern to give better control. The listed feature announces it as the best tennis racquet for flat hitters. Not only this, the racquet is head-heavy, as visible from the name; hammer, which helps in generating tremendous power.


Nurture fast learning by purchasing Hyper Hammer 5.3. The best-ranked tennis racquet can bestow phenomenal power without sacrificing control. As mentioned earlier, it has a more prominent sweet spot so that you can get a perfect hit each time.

Additionally, the racquet features a Hyper Carbon Technology that makes it stronger, lighter, and stiffer. Hyper Carbon is used in the aerospace industry for manufacturing aeroplanes and other equipment. Wilson is the first to introduce this material in a tennis racquet.


Any racquet can’t be perfect. Hyper Hammer lacks stability because of being lightweight. You will feel more shocks on your shoulders, arms, and wrists. 

  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Broader sweet spot
  • More power
  • Ideal for volleys and serves
  • Lacks stability.




Moving forward in our list of best tennis racquets under 100 dollars, we get another technology wonder—Head Ti S6, an absolute monster in the tennis industry. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are the recent headliners of this racket. Read further to find out, is it the one you’re looking for?

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


Head, the name itself needs no introduction. The company truly comes about its motto; Superior performance through superior technology.  Ti S6 is a pocket-friendly and revolutionary innovation that can be an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate players.

Head Ti S6 encompasses numerous unique features. Firstly, its graphite and titanium construction make it stand out from the rest. Secondly, it’s pretty big with a head size of 115 sq. inches, whereas you can enjoy an extended length of 27.75 inches with this investment.

Thirdly, It is the best lightweight tennis racquet in the market, with a mass of only 8.9 ounces. Lastly, the racquet has a 28.5mm linear beam structure with a stiffness of 75, making it more powerful and sturdy.


Give a try to Head Ti S6 and reach the ball effortlessly with the long racquet. Moreover, it is arm-friendly and prevents golfers’ elbows. Next to this, you can get a natural topspin with the best 16×19 string pattern. Ti. S6 is strung with the synthetic head gut that is quite durable and adds tremendous energy to the ball.

Furthermore, the racquet features an 8pt head-heavy balance and has a stiffer frame. These features combine with the large sweet spot to deliver more forgiving off-centre hits.


Despite all the beneficial aspects, Head Ti.S6 has a dark side too. The racquet does not have a vibration dampener to absorb shocks.

  • It comes with a cover
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Graphite and titanium construction
  • Large sweet spot
  •  Highly durable
  • Not suitable for advanced players
  • It seems to vibrate more




Maybe your search for the best tennis racquet under 100 comes to an end by going through this segment of the article. Head is here once again with another quality racquet, the MicroGel Radical. From Radical’s sports house, this particular version can be an ideal choice of intermediate to advanced level players. Let us find out why.

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


Are you looking for the best tennis racquet under 100 that can empower your skills? Then, believe it or not, the Head MicroGel Radical tennis racquet is the perfect sporty companion for real tennis enthusiasts. Head has utilized advanced MicroGel technology in this racquet to make it more comfortable and responsive.

Further, this MicroGel model has a standard length of 27″ that contributes to fantastic balance and excellent manoeuvrability. Moreover, the racquet weighs about 11.1 ounces and is grip-heavy. The heavier handle gives more precision and enables the players to swing faster.

More than that, the incredible tennis stick has an oversized head of 107″, which provides a more prominent sweet spot to prevent mishits. But the versatile racquet isn’t a great choice for novice players. Visit the best tennis racquets for beginners and get your favourite starting-out racket.


The first aspect that makes it unique is the incorporated MicroGel technology. The racquet is sturdy but still can distribute the shock evenly throughout the frame. MicroGel is a semi-elastic solid that can compress and absorb the ball impact due to its low density. As a result, it delivers the utmost comfort to the players.

Further, the incredible tennis gear delivers tremendous spin potential and accuracy. This feature makes it perfect for groundstrokes, serves, and volleys.


MicroGel Radical is all about control but sacrifices some power. Those who can generate their own power go ahead.

  • MicroGel technology
  • Denser stringbed
  • Comfortable feel
  • Dramatic control
  • Additional stability
  • Lacks some power




Here comes another masterpiece for the newcomers at the most economical price point. Nurture fast learning with the Ti.instinct Comp tennis racquet, another oversized beginner racquet from Head. Discover more fascinating aspects of this revolutionary tennis equipment with us.

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


Head never compromises with quality. Despite being cheap, the Ti.instinct upholds all the quality aspects of an expensive tennis racket. Firstly, it features a sturdy construction that confirms its extensive lifespan. The racquet came into existence by the fusion of durable Nano titanium and composite graphite. Besides longer shelf life, the manufacturing materials make it lightweight too.

Secondly, it has a spacious 105 sq-inch square head providing a large hitting surface for armature players. Thirdly, a 16×19 string pattern can change the game with optimum spin. Lastly, the slim 22mm beam reduces air resistance while the mass of 300 grams promotes easy manoeuvrability.


 Entry-level players should give a try to this Head Ti.instinct Comp tennis racquet to uplift their training session without offending the budget. The titanium alloy racket is designed with Extreme Grid Technology which provides excellent stability on off-centre hits.

Furthermore, the racquet offers a headlight balance that reduces vibrations and provides a comfortable feel during hitting.

Not only this, the racquet is available in a variety of grip sizes to match different player needs. Don’t know how to pick up the right handle size? Visit what size tennis racket grip do I need and invest in the right place.


Head Ti.instinct has a slightly thicker frame as compared to the rival racquets. More on that, the paint can chip off easily. All in all, it is an excellent racquet at this price.

  • Most economical
  • It comes in three grip sizes
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Reduces vibrations
  • Unisex
  • Thicker frame
  • The paint may chip off after some use.




Tennis has no boundaries. The ultimate sports invites all; Whether you are a professional player or play tennis for your recreational activities. Some of our high schoolers or fitness enthusiasts may seek a casual racket at a budget-friendly price. Here you go with the Oppum Adult Carbon tennis racquet, an affordable option for all. 

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


Believe and achieve with the best tennis racquet under 100; the Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber. The Oppum brand has made the luxurious tennis sport approachable for everyone by creating this extremely affordable tennis stick.

Further, the racquet is only less in price, not in quality. The brand offers a lifetime warranty that shows their confidence in the quality of their product. Yes! You read that right. You will get a 100% refund in case of any query.

Next to this, it features a triangular layout for maximum shock absorption. More than that, the double hole technology makes it more stable and durable. At the same time, it adds more beauty to the racquet. Not only this, the 4 3/8inch grip size makes it compatible for both men and women.



What makes it unique is the incorporated Mesh belt that increases strength and improves stability. Moreover, the face and handle make a triangular frame that makes hitting more comfortable by absorbing bad shocks.

Additionally, the racquet has an oversized head of 110 sq. inches, while the length is 685mm. Both of these features encourage beginner or recreational players to understand the basics of tennis.


Although the price point makes it very forgiving, we still can’t ignore the dark side. Firstly, the grip can come off after a few uses. Next, the racquet cover isn’t that great. Lastly, some buyers are not satisfied with the customer service.

  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Double hole technology
  • Large sweet spot
  • Ideal for casual playing
  • Lightweight
  • Poor quality cover
  • The grip may come off
  • Needs restringing




This guide on the best tennis racquets under 100 will cover every worthy racquet to lead you to your destination. Still unable to find the right sporty companion? No problem, there are a few more to go. Check out the fantastic features of Head Ti. Conquest; the best tennis racket to buy.

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


As you already know that the Ti. Conquest comes from the world’s leading brand Head which has brought a revolution in the sports industry. This particular racquet is suitable for bouncing the ball over long distances without losing balance and control.

The adult tennis racquet features an oversized head of 108 sq. inches with a head light balance for additional stability. Next to this, it weighs only 252 grams which promotes easy manoeuvrability. Further, the 16×19 rope pattern makes it suitable for starting in players.

More than that, Ti. Conquest is available in three different grip sizes. Choose the one which matches your body structure. Above all, the Nano titanium technology makes it stand out from the rest.


The most everlasting impacts are the visual ones. Head Ti. Conquest comes with a soothing colour scheme of dark blue and white to set your mood for downright smashing. Next, it has a high-tact grip that can deliver tremendous swing and outstanding control.

Despite the lightweight, the racquet is sturdy enough to boost the power of your swings. More than that, you will get an enlarged head for more precise hits. Above all, it features the Nano titanium technology that makes it durable and robust. But the price somewhere affects its lifespan. The racquet is excellent for beginners with moderate swinging speed but may not last long.


Keep in mind that Ti. Conquest is on the larger end. So, you might find it harder to swing. Furthermore, it falls in the beginner tennis racket category because of providing power and consistency. But soon, you will learn to generate your own strength; this racket will not grow with your level.

  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced sweet spot
  • Nano titanium technology
  • Standard length
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Not grows with your level.




Does your present racket strain your wrist while playing? If yes, then our seventh nomination on the best tennis racquet under 100 can help you. Replace your former heavy stick with the affordable Geo Speed tennis racket from Head and refuse to lose.

Best Tennis Racquets under 100


Head has perfectly engineered this tennis gear to polish your skills to bring out the best. Geo Speed is well modified and can bring a tremendous improvement in your performance. Further, the manufacturers have utilized the Geo power technology to add more power and control.

Moreover, Head Geo has an incredible weight of 10.4 ounces which is neither too light nor heavy. In addition to this, the 27.5 inches length enables the player to reach the ball without much stretching. Not only this, you are going to get a sizeable hitting surface of 105sq.inches with this purchase.

How can Head neglect solace? The tremendous tennis gear features a counter cushion grip to deliver supreme comfort during long gaming hours.


The Head is clearly aware of your needs. That’s why it focuses on delivering optimal features. Geo Speed is a perfect blend of comfort and stability that can set the game. Furthermore, the large sweet spot and extra length make it quite friendly for use.

Besides this, it gives more freedom to swing around with its tight strings. The string bed absorbs maximum force to provide a comfortable feel. Another noteworthy aspect of this tennis equipment is that it’s lightweight and headlight. Both features make it suitable for players with arm injuries, weak wrists, or elbows.


The incorporated technology reduces vibrations to a greater extent but can’t eliminate them. The only flaw you might face from this investment is that the racquet lacks a dampener. But you can easily resolve this issue by purchasing a dampener separately. 

  • Oversized head
  • Geo power technology
  • Extra lengthy
  • Counter cushion grip
  • Optimal power
  • It does not come with a cover



FAQS for Best Tennis Racquets under 100

What is the difference between a cheap tennis racquet and an expensive one?

 Expensive tennis rackets include highly professional materials like graphite, titanium, and carbon fiber. As a result, these become costly.

Which is the best brand to buy the cheap tennis racquet?

Head and Wilson are the two reliable names that manufacture great budget-friendly racquets.

How long does a tennis racquet last?

There is no rule of thumb to this. The lifespan of your tennis racquet depends upon its quality and frequency of use. However, a new tennis racquet should last for two years.

What is the best tennis racquet under 100?

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is the best tennis racquet under 100.

Can vibration dampeners help tennis elbow?

Vibration dampeners only reduce string vibrations, not that of a frame. Therefore, it does not cure tennis elbow.



Smash the game by picking up the best tennis racquet under 100 and win with grace. All the reviewed tennis racquets are simply the best ones at low prices. All you have to do is to pick up the one that favours your style and level.

Are you waiting for our suggestions? Well, we have selected two jewels in the rough for our confused readers,

EDITORS CHOICE- Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3


It is not necessary to go with our recommendations. Believe in yourself and pick up the finest best tennis racquets under 100, on your own.

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