Congratulations on your level progress. But now, you will need to switch from your beginner’s racket as well. It’s essential as the right racket’s choice will enable you to get to the advanced level in a short while. Nurture your tennis skills and step into the next level by picking up the best tennis racquet for intermediate players from our top picks and refuse to lose.

As an intermediate player, you need more control from your tennis racquets because you’re pretty much aware of generating sufficient power from your experience. Moreover, getting excellent touch and precise control from a single racquet is quite tasking.

For this reason, our team has investigated all the best tennis racquets 2021 for intermediate players to save you from tedious searching and surveying. Carefully go through all the documented information about each reviewed racquet and pick up the one that suits you the most. Are you excited to explore your new athletic companion? I guess you said yes! Without further ado, let’s get started.


Dozens of racquet brands have introduced various models for our rising champions, claiming the product’s phenomenal quality and outstanding features. But the outcome is often disappointing. 

Therefore, we have gathered all the vital data about the elected best tennis racquets for intermediate players to save you from every possible difficulty. Take a look at the elected ones.

BEST Overall

Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

  • Features:Free flex technology, proprietary carbon mapping, stable frame geometry, 27″ in length.
  • Benefits: Brilliant energy transfer, utmost flexibility, nice balance of power and control, pre-strung.
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Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

  • Features:Micro gel technology, graphite composition, 98 sq. inches head size, 27″ in length.
  • Benefits: Natural topspin, excellent stability, more spin, affordable.
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Editors Choice

Babolat Pure Are Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

  • Features:Aeromodular technology, Carbon ply stabilizer, Cortex Pure feel, 16×19 open string pattern.
  • Benefits: Beautiful exterior, comfortable grip, optimum spin, reduced vibrations.
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Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players Wilson Pro Staff Tennis Racquet

  • Features:Overgrip tape, denser string bed, ergonomic end cap, double braided fibers.
  • Benefits: Powerful hits, full swings, gorgeous cosmetics, improved playability.
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2nd Best Choice

Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive

  • Features:100 sq. inches head size, Cortex dampening system, woofer system, open string pattern.
  • Benefits: Smoother feel, big sweet spot, additional power, extra spin.
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Wilson Burn Tennis Racquet Wilson Burn Tennis Racquet

  • Features:Spin effect technology, Carbon fiber structure, parallel drilling, stiff frame, 18×16 string pattern.
  • Benefits: Sharp-angled shots, spin-friendly, large sweet spot, excellent grip.
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Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet

  • Features:Thinner beam construction, vibration dampening system, heavy, flexible strings.
  • Benefits: Prevents tennis elbow, good spin potential, friendly grip, tremendous control.
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Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players Head Titanium Tennis Racquet

  • Features:Cone-shaped grommets, advanced dampening system, pre-strung, light.
  • Benefits: Absorbs maximum shocks, easy to swing, versatile, in-expensive.
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Here comes the first best tennis racquet for intermediate players. Get on the court with Wilson Clash 100 tennis racquet and bring the trophy home. Take a look at the in-depth review.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players


Nothing can stop you from victory with the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racquet. We all know that Wilson has been a reputed name among the tennis racquet manufacturers. This time it has introduced the Wilson Clash series products with a unique cutting edge technology for intermediate players.

Wilson Clash 100 is the latest racquet from this series. It can suit any playing style through the perfect combination of control and flexibility. Clash 100 features advanced Free flex technology. Additionally, It involves proprietary carbon mapping that bends the frame into the desired dimension for ultimate ball pocketing.

Besides this, the Stable Smart frame geometry will maintain excellent stability through the swing. Furthermore, it has an ideal length of 27″, whereas the best tennis racquet head measures 100 Square inches. These precise dimensions can help you to deliver a tremendous confident performance like never before.


Tennis players differ in their playing styles, but if they are all asked about the best intermediate tennis racquet, you will find similarities in their answers. 

The most convincing fact about Wilson Clash 100 that sets it apart from others is that it has been tried and certified to complement players with different gaming levels and styles. Not only this, it has proven itself as the best tennis racquet for quality control as it gives a nice balance of power and control for utmost action. In addition to this, a 16×19 string pattern offers enough hitting spots and permits tremendous energy transfer.


Unfortunately, Wilson Clash 100 has a dark side too. We have found it with the lowest arm-friendly flex points as compared to the competitor racquets. Overall, it is a great value-for-money product to get excellent control, nice touch, and ultimate pocketing. But not the best tennis racquet for elbow pain.

  • Free Flex technology
  • Nice touch with excellent control
  • StableSmart frame geometry
  • Pre-strung
  • Ideal for intermediate players
  • Not suitable for players with shoulder injuries




Your improved skills don’t need a sizable sweet spot anymore. More control than power is the need of an intermediate player. Therefore, Head has assembled an ultimate game-changer as Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet to outrank your competitor on the court.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players


Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet is undoubtedly the best tennis racquet for the average club players because of its exquisite design and remarkable features.

The agile racket is specially created to deliver adequate control with a comfortable feel for our mid-level players. Further, it encompasses the advanced microgel technology that makes it more worthy. Graphite composite in the head combines with the microgel to distribute the force evenly. It deforms upon the ball impact that results in significant absorption and even distribution of the power.

More than this, it features the best tennis racquet head size that measures 98 inches, while the overall length of the racquet is 27 inches.


The one that steals the show is the incorporated advanced technology. MicroGel absorbs maximum++ impact on hitting, giving a comfortable feel to the player. More than that, it can deliver a natural topspin to make your shots more lethal.

As if that’s not enough, it offers impressive maneuverability because of having more mass at the handle than the head. The heavy grip racquet can maintain excellent stability as well.


Despite the fascinating features, Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet has some minor flaws too. Firstly, it has a small sweet spot which is not at all a problem for intermediate players. Besides this, the string quality is not that good.

  • Affordable
  • Graphite frame
  • MicroGel technology 
  • More spin
  • Added stability
  • Small sweet spot
  • Low-quality strings



Bring out the best by changing your beginner tennis gear with Babolat Pure Aero Tennis racquet and be the champion. You will be surprised to know that this Pure Aero has been Rafael Nadal’s conquering stick for 15 years. Let us dive into the details of this spectacular innovation.

Babolat Pure Are Tennis Racquet


Defend until the end with Babolat Pure Aero tennis racquet to deliver optimum spin to change the game. The Aeromodular third-generation technology generates an excellent spin to take the maximum advantage.

Moreover, the Pure Aero tennis racquet came into existence by combining the two new concepts; Carbonply Stabilizer and Cortex Pure Feel. The Carbonply Stabilizer developed by Chromat improves stability. On the other hand, Cortex Pure Feel, powered by SMAC, contains a thin viscoelastic rubber for shock absorption and vibration reduction, making it the best tennis racquet for elbow pain. 

More than this, it features a 16×19 open string pattern. The prestrung Pure Aero contains 11 ounces, whereas you can get an ideal length of 27 inches from this purchase. All the examined features claim it as the best tennis racquet for advanced players as well.


Spearheaded by Nadal, the spectacular innovation can let you bring a storm into the tennis world. A beautiful yellow and black finish is the most captivating feature of this racquet. Besides this, the incorporated FSI spin encompasses an open string pattern to produce maximum spin.

Not only this, the elliptical grommets and established woofer boosts the interaction between ball and strings for an additional spin.


Every racquet sacrifices something. The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis racquet has a large sweet spot due to its larger head size that delivers less controlled shots. However, it creates much power and spin.

  • Maximum spin
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Less control on flat shots.



Are you seeking a lively weapon that covers beginner to intermediate levels? Well, our next pick on the best tennis racquet for intermediate players can make up your mind. The Wilson Pro Staff 97v13 is a manoeuvrable all-around frame that grows with your level. Our article on the best tennis racquet for kids can help you find the best tennis racquet for intermediate juniors.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players


Iconic Pro Staff 97v13 features a precise design to maintain a classic feel. The most commendable feature of this athletic stick is the double braided fibers. These fibers are tailored at an angle of 45° for incredible stability and a great ball pocketing feel.

Furthermore, the best tennis racquet with overgrip tape is equipped with a modern design, containing an elegant black elastic base. The presence of red and yellow pinstripes at the throat and the exposed, glossy carbon fiber weave adds more value to its looks.


Federer started his career with the legendary Pro Staff 85, the most classic racquet of that time. Wilson has combined the significant elements of that model with a contemporary finish and carbon fiber that will blow up your mind.

Wilson Pro Staff 97v13 contains the perfect string mapping to deliver a nice comfortable feel to the player. Further, it is the best tennis racquet for groundstrokes as its denser string bed promotes accurate hits. Besides this, an Ergonomic end cap improves playability and consistency on each shot. Therefore, Pro Staff can be a good choice for the baseline players who like to block and return.


You might face some flaws with this purchase. Firstly, we are doubtful about the longevity of the velvet painting. Secondly, the stiff frame not favours the players with arm problems. But overall, you can get a good mixture of control and power from Wilson Pro Staff 97v13 tennis racquet.

  • Stunning cosmetics
  • It gives plenty of power
  • Rewards full swings
  • Double braided fibers
  • Improves playability
  • Stiff frame



Accommodate the right partner on your journey from beginner to intermediate level, as you deserve to win. Didn’t get it yet? No problem, there are a few more to go. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 tennis racquet is another worthy creation to get massive spin and control, making it the best tennis racket for doubles. Sounds interesting? Read further for more details.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players


The top-tier Pure Drive from Babolat is considered one of the best tennis racquets for intermediate males. It encompasses the most compelling features that players of all levels need. 

What makes it unique is the generated power and spin from the baseline. Furthermore, the larger 100 Square inches head size makes hitting more easier. More than that, you can get extra spin and comfort with the best tennis racquet string tension. As if that’s not enough, its wider frame can deliver additional power to the aggressive players.

Above all, the Babolat Pure Drive utilizes the advanced Cortex dampening system for a muted response. A thin viscoelastic rubber offers improved levels of shock absorption. At the same time, it reduces maximum vibrations.


If you are looking for a modern frame with a smoother feel, then this Babolat Pure Drive is perfect for you. It is ultimately the best tennis racquet for kick serves and volleys because its commendable woofer system enables the ball to fly more, resulting in tremendous power generation.

Hitting the perfect groundstrokes from baseline is easier than ever with the bigger head size, wider frame, and correct string pattern.


Babolat Pure Drive is almost perfect with a single drawback. It is a bit on the heavier side when we compared it to the rival racquets. But if you can overlook the slightly heavier weight, then it will be a terrific addition to your athletic equipment.

  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate players
  • Cortex dampening system
  • Extra power
  • More spin
  • Smoother feel
  • Big sweet spot
  • Friendly control but not best
  • Slightly heavy
  • Stiff frame



Do heavier racquets make you tired quickly? No problem, you can pick up a lighter frame for unstoppable performance from the upcoming best tennis racquet for intermediate players. Check out this Wilson Burn 100S tennis racquet, the best light tennis racquet for intermediate players.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players


Play like a champion by investing in the Wilson’s Burn 100S Tennis Racquet and practice winning every day. Like other racquets from Wilson, the Burn 100S also upholds phenomenal quality and outstanding features. But what makes it superior to them, which makes is the exclusive spin effect technology. 

Furthermore, You can increase the ball RPM without changing your swing with the help of this technology. We have analyzed that the Wilson Burn 100S is the best tennis racquet for the long swing because it has fewer cross strings than the main strings, making the court feel longer on every hit.


Besides the spinning mechanism, the high-performance carbon fiber frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Apart from this, the modulus carbon graphite makes the frame stiffer for additional power. What’s more? It offers a more forgiving string bed response with parallel drilling. At the same time, it dramatically increases the sweet spot.


Soon after receiving your parcel, you will realize how stable the racquet is. Holding the gear in your hand will ensure that you will get an excellent grip during your match.

With an 18×16 string pattern, it goes well for baseline shots and delivers more precise and sharp-angled shots. More than that, the best tennis racquet for an intermediate male incorporates a durable shaft to smash the scoreboard with your powerful hits. Just do a little worm up like forehands and backhands before the game and then continue with optimum speed to break the records. 


You might need to restring it, as the incorporated strings are not much good. One more thing! The price is a bit higher as compared to other similar rackets.

  • Captivating looks
  • Spin-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Parallel drilling
  • Poor string quality
  • Expensive



Most aggressive players face elbow, arm, or shoulder ache. You know why? It happens due to the wrong selection of tennis racquet that doesn’t fit your style of play. Give a shot to Wilson Blade Team Tennis racquet and hit passionately.

Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet


Wilson Blade Team is a perfect blend of control power and maneuverability. It can be an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate level players seeking a good tennis racquet at a more economical price. 

Get perfect control of your aggressive shots from Blade Team as it features a thinner beam construction to enhance dwell time. Not only this, Blade Team won’t let you down with its unique features and inspiring frame geometry and design.

Furthermore, the best tennis racquet for intermediate players reduces the amount of shock that you get on striking the ball. The adequate vibration dampening system announces it as the best tennis racquet to avoid tennis elbow. You will be amazed to know that the weight does not influence its maneuverability. It’s pretty swingy. 


Nonetheless, Wilson has accumulated crucial facets in this Blade Team tennis racquet to deliver a powerful and crisp feeling during the game. Along with this, the correct string pattern is simply perfect for getting the heavy topspin with ease. More than that, this racquet gets arm-friendly due to flexible strings.

Wilson never compromises on quality so that you can enjoy the same comfortable feel, years after years. Further, it contains a subtle, detailed pattern on the inner rim that makes it more classy. All in all, this valuable tennis racquet is worth every penny.


Although it seems perfect, the only problem we have found is that it does not work well for serves and volleys.

  • Arm- friendly
  • Thinner beam construction
  • Nice grip
  • Excellent control
  • Good spin potential 
  • Not ideal for serves and volleys.



Bring the trophy home by shopping our last choice on the best tennis racquet for intermediate players. Teamwork indeed makes the dream work. Get on the court and set the game with Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone, the best tennis racquet for double players.

Head Titanium Tennis Racquet


Head has been a hallmark of excellence for years. The Ti S5 is the latest model from this brand, which is quite versatile. It can go with beginner to intermediate level of playing, but we recommend it for experienced tennis players who can handle moderate to high powered serve.

Furthermore, Ti S5 patented Comfort Zone technology announces it as the best tennis racquet for preventing golfers’ elbows. Next to this, it encompasses cone shape grommets for excellent ball acceleration and better connection. More than that, the advanced dampening system reduces string vibration to a greater extent for a comfortable game.


We have elected Head Ti S5 based on its comfortable feel that is usually not found in lengthy frames. Along with this, the racquet comes pre-strung with premium synthetic strings to deliver the best tennis racquet string tension. Want more? Go for off-centre hits with the Ti S5, as the lightweight construction promoted easy manoeuvrability.

Moreover, Perfect string tension can help you to get the most out of your racquet. If you prefer power over control, then keep the standard stringing pressure will work fine on your equipment. On the other hand, the players who require more control must tighten their strings to get suitable tension.


Overall, it is an exceptional racket, but it has a dark side too. Some players have found that the grip is slippery, and the racquet is exceptionally light for intermediate players.

  • Comfortable
  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • Easy to swing
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • It does not come with a cover
  • Extremely light


FAQ’s For Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players

How should I choose the right tennis racquet for my level?

Consider the below-listed elements that affect power and control.

  • An oversized sized head creates more power, whereas a smaller head size is for more control.
  • Selecting a tennis racquet with an open string pattern will provide more power. In contrast, a denser string bed gives more control.
  • Lighter frames can generate excellent power; you can get precise control from heavier ones.

What racquet does Rafael Nadal use?

Babolat Pure Aero is the winning secret of Rafael Nadal.

How much a tennis racquet for intermediate players cost?

You can expect between $80 to $250 for a decent tennis racquet.

What is the best tennis racquet for intermediate players?

You can go for Wilson Clash 100 for your intermediate gaming level.

What size tennis racquet do professionals use?

The legal maximum length for a tournament play is 27 inches.

Final Verdict

Dominate your opponent by picking up the best tennis racquet for intermediate players. All the racquets from our top picks are perfect pieces of equipment to upgrade your level. Choose the right one that matches your style.

We know that you need a racquet that can grow with you. Therefore, we have documented some premium suggestions from our side to make a one-time investment in this sporty expedition. 

Best overall intermediate racquet- Wilson Clash 100

Runners up- Babolat Pure Drive 2018 Tennis Racquet.

Editors choice- Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet.

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