Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners to Get a Better Sporty Expedition

Are you passionate about becoming lively and sporty like a tennis player? Probably Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal might be your inspiration to drag you into this sport. Well! You can reach that level one fine day, but having a hands-on experience while starting as a beginner, you need to have a sneak peek at the choice of the best tennis racquet for beginners.

Drag down to own the best tennis racquet for beginners before getting yourself into the court and smash the scoreboard with your best shots. Simply if you’re underestimating the importance of selecting the best tennis racquet for playing, then it’s worth realizing now as you’re missing a crucial aspect for a better start. Once you’re up to with the finest sports gear, you’ll get more comfortable within your upcoming training sessions; else, it might turn into a complete disaster.

How do you end up concluding what the best tennis racquets for a beginner are? This might be confusing for you, as the web is jam-packed with multiple brands. Fret not! As we will provide you with the best possible options by weighing its specs and features and additional support from our recommendations derived from user reviews. Consequently, at the end of this guide, you’ll be readily aware of the choice that matches your preference lined up by your potential.

We’ve boiled down to these top 10 tennis racquet pics for recreational players after carrying plenty of research.


It’s no surprise that investing in these best-selling tennis racquets could be a game-changer for you. The unique characteristics are sure to make a difference at different levels of play.

Let’s dive into it and see how they can help you take the sporty venture’s plunge.

wilson adult recreational HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

  • FEATURES: 115 Square inches head size, 4 ½ grip size, titanium-based shaft, 27 ¾ ” length, open string pattern.
  • BENEFITS: powerful shots, slip-free grip, inexpensive, wide sweet spot.
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Babolat Pure Strike Fostoy Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: Made from aluminum and nylon materials, v-shaped structure, 16×19 open string pattern, 280 grams in weight. 
  • BENEFITS: ideal for topspin, adequate controls, easy access to power, smooth feel.
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OPPUM Adult Carbon OPPUM Adult Carbon

  • FEATURES: 9.76 ounces in weight, aluminum carbon-infused structure, double shock absorption, 4 ⅜” grip size.
  • BENEFITS: wider head, comfy grip, feather-light frame, durable design, holes for double stringing
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Best tennis Racquet Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: 110sq.inches head size, 0.24 kgs in weight, 4 ⅜ inches grip size
  • BENEFITS: flexible, arm-friendly, forgiving striking composition, reasonable.
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Best tennis Racquet HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: 9.7 ounces in weight, 27 inches in length, nanotech design, 4.5″ grip size. 
  • BENEFITS: good length, outstanding grip, optimum control, excellent spin shots.
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Best tennis Racquet HEAD Microgel Tennis Racket

  • FEATURES: 98 sq. inches head size, weighs 295 g, 2 pt head light balance, 27″ in length.
  • BENEFITS: power-hitting, less vibratory effect, subtle graphite body, controlled and spin shots.
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Best tennis Racquet


  • FEATURES: shock pads, 16×19 open string pattern, 27.5 inches in length, power string bridge technology.
  • BENEFITS: good feel, large sweet spot, reduces vibrations, maintains a good balance between power and control.
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  • FEATURES: 109 sq. inches head sizes, 27″ lengthy, weighs about 275 grams, 4 ¼ ” grip size.
  • BENEFITS: oversized head, ideal string tension, excellent power, adequate control.
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Here we are with our proud tennis racquet nomination Head Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet. It’s the best tennis racquet for lady beginners to pursue more innovative gaming moves with all that worthy characteristics for a good kick-off.




The Head brand has launched this fantastic tennis gear to support ones with beginner skill levels. Besides its excellent aesthetics, it has a broader capacity to cater to functionality that excels.

With a large head size of 115 square inches, you can enjoy an unstoppable play, further supported by a reasonable grip size of 4 ¼. Furthermore, The grip size and the non-slip Titanium-based shaft material allow a powerful hold to take over your play.

It isn’t over yet as the elongated design measuring about 27 ¾” incorporating an open string pattern can cope well while hammering the ball with power shots.


The convincing fact about it that’s likely to favour a startup player is its large head size and ideal overall weight of around 8 oz. Generally, the recommended tennis racquet weight for beginners lies below 11oz. Considering these worthy aspects, you have more turns to generate power shots with less hassle for swinging and making contact with the ball.

  • Suitable for beginners to intermediate skill sets.
  • Slip-free titanium grip.
  • Wide sweet spot.
  • Light-weighed.
  • It is perfectly engineered.
  • Unsatisfactory vibration dampener.
  • Bad string quality.


Being a novice to the tennis play, you need to go for a racket that delivers comfort and allows a more prominent sweet spot to lessen the chances of missing shots. With that said! We proudly present our next best tennis racquet for beginners; the Babolat Boost D Tennis Racquet.

Learn how it can help you grow further in this exciting, sporty expedition with its unique features.



This racket is ideally designed to serve both men and women with its distinct composition and extravagant outlooks. The quality product caters to the supreme blend of Nylon and Aluminium materials.

Apart from its great athletic outlooks, the frame designs hold a large v-shaped structure at the shaft. This helps the player easy handling during the play by absorbing nasty shocks.

The head size of 100 an open string pattern of 16*19 is undoubtedly the best fit for beginners and intermediate players that allows maintaining the balance between power and control striking. Moreover, with a lighter weight of 280g, maneuverability is simply not a big concern.

Unquestionably, it’s nothing less but the best choice among focused learners who don’t want to switch their tennis gears very often.


If you haven’t owned your striking partner yet or want to switch to a better option, then this brand is a perfect fit for you. It’s an ideal pick to generate topspin while having easy access to power with adequate control. What’s more special to know is, it’s a one-time investment to support your beginner to intermediate gaming sessions, with all the required traits. Go for a hands-on experience to savour yourself the pleasure of its smooth feel while you play.

  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Light feel and comfortable.
  • Good overall balance.
  • Open stringbed.
  • Low-cost.
  • Ideal length.
  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Shock absorbing feature.
  • Not suitable for first-time strikers.


We recommend another quality product for a dream start. Even if you’re a new player to tennis OPPUM CARBON FIBER TENNIS RACQUET will let you enjoy your sport in no way like a rookie. Wait no further as the next-in-line features are convincing enough to invest in such an iconic inspiration.



You’ll love to own it once you go through its features. Budget is often compromised once you go for a quality product, but this brand is unlike other renowned ones for its low-cost attribute. The aluminium carbon materials infused in the structure are hard to bend over while the quality caters to its due weightlessness, ideally measuring around just 9.76 ounces.

Up next is the top-notch double shock absorption feature that reduces the vibration generated from power-hitting right from the middle spot and lessens the impact of ping sound produced at each smash. For extra support, a shock absorption glue also comes along the package.

A big thanks go to this nano-technology-infused product that offers a great deal of comfortable handling. The wide V-shaped throat running down to the shaft delivers an excellent non-slip grip at a size of 4 3/8 inches.

You’ll find support in your plays with its wider face size of 110-inch square. In case there’s a need to re-string the racquet, the double hole technology threading will enable it to preserve stability and durability for more extended periods.


The product itself speaks of its excellent functionality, with the above vibrant specs and features well adapted to a casual player. Even making a transition to the next level, this choice can stand out as the best tennis racquet for beginners-intermediate. The larger sweet spot, feather-light design, robust blend of materials, and added shock absorption feature all of these attributes contribute towards its excellence.

  • Durable design with large V-shaped shaft.
  • Holes for double stringing.
  • Low weight.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Comfy grip.
  • Good length.
  • Massive sweet spot.
  • Good to go for beginners to intermediate skill sets.
  • Quality after-sale services.
  • Restrung needed after a few plays.
  • Inferior case quality.


The brand’s name needs no introduction as it’s been the top pick among legends for a long. We brought you the Wilson Hammer 5.3 Tennis racket for recreational players from the stockpile of the best tennis racquet for beginners. It’s one of the championship-winning products for tennis enthusiasts. Read further, so don’t miss it out!



Since you’re a beginner, it’s hard to swing your tennis gear to the fullest like a pro. Wilson Hammer 5.3 caters to a design with a large head size of 110 sq. inches allowing power and controlled shots even at precise swinging and stretching.

Easy handling supports your earlier coaching sessions. This is due to the item’s lightweight factor of just 0.24 kg, made with supreme composite material. The material can absorb shock and vibrations from reaching the arm, unlike the stiffer ones, thus allowing power hitting.

Too narrow or too large a handle grip can also ruin your game. At a standard level, this racquet offers a classic grip size of 4 ⅜, which is fair enough to improve your feel for gripping skills.


Set your goal court on fire with this excellent tennis equipment. It holds significant value among tennis lovers due to several good reviews, and the brand’s fame continued to cherish for the past several years yet now. Investing in such a racquet will help you save your money along with consecutive growing chances in your sport. It benefits you in incredible ways from comfy handling, forgiving striking composition, and flexible shock-resistant material that prevents arm injuries and much more.

  • A good all-rounder for beginners.
  • Value product.
  • Recent string quality.
  • Shock absorbent material finish.
  • Satisfactory at the price point.
  • Larger head.
  • The grip needs fixing at later plays.


Playing Tennis isn’t a piece of cake, especially for newbies stepping into this athletic zone. The brand Head Ti has focused on this issue by entertaining us with its excellent tennis equipment HEAD Ti. CONQUEST TENNIS RACKET, best fit for beginners.



If you’re making your first presence at the tennis court, try a hand at this. The brand is the most forgiving when hitting power shots with an extra head size of about 108 inches.

Along with a massive sweet spot, the product features a bonus of 9.7 oz lighter frame weight and an extended racket length of 27 inches that greatly assist the casual or adult players. Therefore, you don’t need to stretch and swing more; at the same time, this tactic will help your stamina last for long.

The beginner’s top choice has also approved itself on technology; with nanotech design and durable titanium material, you have more chances to experience a better match.

An improved grip is a prerequisite that is catered to by our product range of around 4.5inches. What’s more special to announce is you have this great deal at an affordable price.


This product is worth holding the tag of best tennis racquet for beginners users. Its incredible attributes such as low weight, affordability, good length and feel, outstanding grip, and durable material have defined this product as a significant choice. Although the lighter and the stiffened titanium material give you a high-end at the control and spin shots compared to power shots, it can still go pretty well if aligned with your play style.

  • Cheap rates.
  • Stylish outlooks.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Suitable for starter players.
  • Comes without a headcover.
  • The grip may tear out after few uses.


Abandon using the wrong racket if you’re missing your hits very often. It seems you need a striking companion that supports your tennis start-up journey. Well! There’s no better option for you than HEAD MICROGEL RADICAL ADULT TENNIS RACKET. Forget about missing the strings, as this oversized racket can help you find your sweet spot. Look for how it can serve you in more eminent ways!


When it comes to performance, this product stands out with our initial tennis play skill set. A good hand and eye focus can match perfectly to this reasonably sized head of 98 inches. It is allowing you more safe striking between power and control.

To charge your play without arm fatigue, the lighter-weight tennis racket with 295g is a perfect fit to move on. In this contrast, the microgel technology adds further to comfortable handling with shock resistance ability. This provides the player a good feel, excellent control, and manoeuvrability function.

The durable graphite-made smart racket embodies incredible specs such as 2pt headlight balance, ideal 27-inch length furthermore, 11 oz strung weight, and multiple grip size options to suit your palm length.


If you’ve been good enough at hand-eye coordination and have good control sports skills, then the latest tech equipment is an excellent choice to lean on early from beginner to intermediate level. Own this masterpiece for more precise and control whacks with a reasonable power impact. Along with other incredible attributes, the most distinct features lie in its composition with microgel technology which allows power-hitting without much vibratory effect, thus putting less stress on hands and arms.

  • Good for improving beginners.
  • Reduces vibration.
  • Pre-strung and can be manoeuvred as per preference.
  • Value product.
  • Decent pick for control and spin shots.
  • Microgel tech-infused product.
  • Subtle graphite body.
  • Little heavier head.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Weaker power strokes.


Inquire and get yourself convinced with the WILSON TOUR SLAM LITE TENNIS RACKET holding the rating of vibrant 4.7 shining stars. If you’re yet struggling with your tennis equipment, own this low-budget pick now for a quality start. Either you want to be a beginner player or plan to transition towards a competitive level, this is a one-time investment, you’ll love to stay with it!


This value racket is jam-packed with multiple worthy attributes, one of which is its robust frame technology. It serves the players with its stop shock pads to lessen the impact of vibrations and passing on control pummels.

The open string pattern of 16*19 is more enhanced with the power string bridge technology. It infuses longer central strings with deluxe power. With this, power-hitting is more fun rather than tiresome, and you’re at a better edge of improving your backhand shots as well.

You’ll be good to go giving pummels with its ideal length of 27.5 inches and a large sweet spot. This way, it will boost your confidence with lesser chances of missing shots as it is the most forgiving racket by its great composition and attributes.

It also offers a light head that supports stability between power and spin for even control shots.  But the light head doesn’t compromise the overall balance of the racket, which is smartly managed by the slightly heavier frame made of quality Aluminium.


It’s one of the best picks from other convention rackets for beginners. It grants access to its users a quality striking surface with perfectly tightened stringbed and headlight balance. Moreover, its shock absorption features add distinction to this incredible tennis gear, giving you an overall good feel. Simply owning this will let you with lasting benefits that won’t even cost you a hefty fortune.

  • Supreme quality.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Features the latest power string bridge technology.
  • Shock absorption feature.
  • Larger sweet spot.
  • Maintains balance between power and control shots.
  • Grip sizes don’t usually support smaller hand lengths.
  • Needs time to adjust with natural playstyle.


For a tennis performer, It’s hard to cover a smoother transition if your tennis gear fails to deliver the much-desired durability and comfort. Don’t worry as HEAD Ti. INSTINCT SUPREME TENNIS RACKET is a complete solution to this. Add the desired power to your game while giving your body space for comfort and fun.


This outstanding racquet choice underpins develop your initial tennis skill set at your tennis coaching contests with its incredible details. A 275g racket weight is too light to carry and ideal for a good start. Furthermore, the standard size of 27 inches is supported by an elongated head size of109 inches.

The reason behind calling it a perfect fit for beginners is its lightweight head and sturdy design from Aluminium Material. These specs deliver a nice feel to the striker upon impact and transmit less shock to the wrist and hand.

Comfortable handling is another prerequisite for a good play that this product doesn’t miss on. The ideal 4¼ grip size eminently fits in moderate-sized hands that allow you to make smooth moves throughout your game without slipping over.


Not ready to spend big bucks on tennis gear? You can still confront your beginner training sessions with Head Ti instinct top pick without compromising quality at a low price point.

Its multiple characteristics can elevate your performance, especially if you want to add power stability to your shots. With perfect weight, length, head size, and material, it’s the most crucial choice.

  • Good tension strings.
  • Contains Nano titanium technology.
  • Good power and average control.
  • Super oversized head.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Needs a bit of self-power exertion for pummels.
  • No safety bag.


Best tennis racquet for beginners

FAQs for Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners

How do I know which tennis racket is best for beginners?

To look for an ideal fit, focus on these three essential attributes: Massive striking area, heavy-head, and lighter overall weight. Being a newbie to tennis sports, you need comfy handling while at the same time it’s hard for your muscles to generate power in spin shots and stretch enough to cover the tennis court. This issue is well-managed by the rackets with a significant weighing head and allows you to make fewer errors of missing hits with extra added inches to head size. In contrast, the lighter weight increases the stamina for a more extended play.

What string pattern should a casual player choose?

Ideally, a casual player or an adult must go for an open string pattern. For example, most beginner racket with an open string pattern comes in 16*18 or 16*19 sizes. It is recommended because the loosened stringbed can induce the necessary power and spin in your shots and give a good feeling upon impact.

How much does a beginner tennis racket cost?

Mainly beginner racquets are composed of Aluminium material which is cheaper than graphite-made rackets. Generally, these can be available at a decent price range between $20-$70. But nowadays, as quality along functionality is more preferred, Graphite-composite racquets are more welcomed. The mixed fibers have the shock-resistant ability for a smooth play but can cost you a hefty amount up to or above $100.


A good tennis play demands the right choice of owning rackets. A sneak peek at the top 8 best tennis racquet for beginners will highlight much of the required attributes for a good kick-off. But here’s a critical consideration too; By the time, you’ll have to identify your potential or skillset in your natural play to switch over to a new choice. If you fail to do so, it might restrict your abilities and cause a delay in making the transition to the competitive level. For instance, those who have good hand-eye coordination and focused hitting skills are good to go with a middle choice racket for beginner to intermediate to support their initial training session with a skilled playstyle.

Here’s a little help with our top three recommendation for startup players:

HEAD Ti.S6 STRUNG TENNIS RACQUET– best tennis racquet for power and spin.

HEAD MICROGEL RADICAL ADULT TENNIS RACKET– best tennis racquet beginners-intermediate.

HEAD Ti.CONQUEST TENNIS RACKET– Budget best tennis racquet for beginners.


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