Tennis ball machines are one of the fastest and most effective means of improving your tennis skills and technique. For personal use, they may be stored at home and brought to the local courts by the player on their own. They can also provide you the freedom to practice wherever and whenever you choose, without needing a teacher or hitting partner.

Furthermore, as technology and simplicity of use have progressed, as have the prices, they have been more easily accessible in recent years. With that, the detailed reviews of the best and most affordable tennis ball machines now on the market, and a shopping guide to aid you in making an educated purchase, can be found on this page. In addition, there is an included checklist of essential considerations to bear in mind before purchasing.

Beginners and advanced tennis players will agree that this is the most excellent portable tennis ball apparatus available. This Spinshot Player tennis ball machine has all the high-quality features.

It can feed balls at a pace ranging from 19 to 68 miles per hour at a speed of 68 miles per hour. Additionally, you may design routines that take you from one side of the court to the other while including spin. You can also practice your volleys in a couple of seconds using this baddie.


There is also an accompanying smartphone application which is its most impressive feature. You can download it to your phone and customize the workouts to focus on specific aspects of your game. There are preset drills of up to six shots each training, and you can create as many as 12 different workouts.


  • It features a mobile application for personalized drills.
  • It can alter the spin, speed, direction, trajectory, and feed rate.
  • It is a highly recommended practice machine for novices to seasoned professionals.


  • High-level players may find the 68 mph top speed prohibitive.

Tennis training equipment like the Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine is popular among young players. It allows children to play independently without the assistance of an adult, and it has capabilities that many adult-sized gears do not have. Thus working on your swing without worrying about finding a partner is possible with it.

In addition, compared to other portable ball machines, this one is the most convenient to use. First, it has an expandable handle for maximum portability. Moreover, it has a square shape that makes it simple to travel and store. Additional training choices are also available with the horizontal oscillation option.

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine has a variety of balls, including top-spin and no-spin tennis ball varieties, to improve your game with fast feedback, realistic motion, and customizable difficulty levels. Lastly, training has never been more accessible with its simple control knobs and total 50-ball capacity.


  • The maximum speed of the Spinshot Lite is 60 kph, making it ideal for younger players.
  • It is very portable and includes an embedded top-spin feature.
  • It has simple controls and a 50 ball capacity.
  • This machine includes a smartwatch remote option.


  • It does not have high-speed and advanced options for high-level players.

If you are wondering what the cheapest tennis ball machine you can buy online is, the Scifanta is the best tennis ball machine under $500. It is portable and provides a reliable and efficient feed that addresses the concerns of the majority of players.

Despite its tiny stature, it packs a tremendous punch and has three distinct speed settings. It can also toss up to 900 balls per hour. However, it can only throw roughly two balls simultaneously. On the other hand, besides the convenience of switching between AC and battery power, Scifanta is small and portable. You may practice on the court whenever and wherever you like!

Moreover, if you aim to improve your skills, you may use this groundbreaking ball-feeding tosser for practice and refinement. With that, you may practice backhand, forehand, backhand, baseline, volley, short balls, footwork, and more skills on your own for hours. Thus, you can give yourself a lot of practice time with this great device and increase your performance.


  • The Scifanta Portable Tennis Ball Tosser automatically releases a ball every four seconds.
  • Offer precise feeds such as forehand, backhand, volley, and baseline drills.
  • It delivers a powerful punch and adjustable three-range speeds.
  • Comes with a feature of switching between AC and battery power.


  • Only two balls may be thrown at a time using this equipment.
  • Less control on flat shots.

The Spinfire Pro tennis ball machine is an excellent choice for individuals who do not want all of the bells and whistles of more complicated devices. It will provide you with a perfect cardiovascular workout while also striking you with various shots.Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine

Beginning, moderate, and advanced players who want to increase their practice time without a tailored drill experience will find this Spinfire Pro a fantastic selection. It is also compact and lightweight with long battery life. Tennis players of all skill levels will benefit from its added features.

Instead of randomly striking short and deep balls, the oscillation will feed balls to the side of the court so that you may work on your backhand and forehand strokes. It is possible to modify the control panel settings to practice approach shots or lobs.


  • Launches tennis balls with varying speeds and spins to players of different ability levels.
  • Heighten a terrific cardio exercise that oscillates horizontally.
  • Any skill level may benefit from its portability and low cost.
  • Well-thought-out as the lightest compact battery tennis ball machine.


  • An oscillating feeding depth of the ball is not controllable.
  • A lack of customizable exercises.

Does the tennis ball machine improve the game? Whether you want to improve your fitness for singles tennis or smash many balls, Lobster Elite is a fantastic choice. It is possible to rotate around the court and receive balls with a range of speeds, spins, and heights by using this ball tosser.


In addition, it has a large ball capacity and can strike balls at rates of up to 70 miles per hour for elite tennis players. Starting at 10 meters per hour is reasonable for a beginner. Additionally, its feed frequency, oscillations, and height are all within acceptable limits.

Moreover, it feeds balls vibrating randomly, vertically, horizontally, or both simultaneously. As a result, the players can practice either side of the court for long groundstrokes and approach shots. Aside from that, the parameters of the ball machine are customizable based on your swing.

On the other hand, Lobster Elite has no custom drills function since it does not have the necessary tools. If you want to work on a single shot at a time, you can turn off the random option. However, having a remote control is an additional cost.


  • There is a wide variety of tempos and spins to suit all skill levels.
  • It is easy to move because of the handle and wide wheels.
  • This machine feeds in a lateral fashion and with short and deep balls.
  • It has adjustable height for a wide range of shots, including overheads.


  • Only two balls may be thrown at a time using this equipment.
  • It does not offer any custom preset drills.
  • The remote control is not part of inclusion.

Wilson makes a fantastic companion suitable for anyone looking for a mid-range ball tosser. It has more features than the Spinshot Lite or the Match Mate Rookie, but it does not have the adjustable drilling settings seen on more modern machines like the Spinshot Plus-2 or the Match Mate Pro.

Furthermore, you have it with a two-line oscillator, which allows you to alternate between forehand and backhand or shoot at two lines of pupils. However, to have this feature and upgrade, paying more is necessary. It is also possible to buy the remote control as an add-on.


  • Warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It is suitable for players of all skill levels who wish to develop their abilities quickly.
  • Superb price-to-feature combination.


  • 2-line oscillation is available for purchase as an add-on.
  • The remote control is available separately for easier management.
  • It does not include an adjustable drilling setting.

Is the tennis ball machine worth it?

The short answer: absolutely!

It’s a great option for players who want to improve any aspect of their game.  In addition, tennis ball machinated companions are now commonly accessible to the general public for personal use, and they are relatively inexpensive. If you do not have a partner to practice tennis with, you may utilize an apparatus to aid your training and preparation.